The moment : 未成年, a minor.

Mini Album 2021. 08. 05

The beginning of KIM WOOJIN ‘The moment’, Mini Album [The moment : 未成年, a minor.]
Various emotional pieces of adolescence before being a grown-up.

‘未成年(minor)’ is a term referring to a person who is still passing through the period before going out into society.
The word ‘Minor’ also stands for minorities besides minors, and musically refers to minor key as well.

The first mini album of KIM WOOJIN presents various emotions about the moments we are facing as a minority in the world before going out into society as a grown up.

Some adults force us to sacrifices the present for the future with plain face. Exploitation in the workplace like part-time jobs, abuse and violence inflicted on athletes, and coercion for grade and result. There are things that should never happen are happening frequently in our daily life.

The moments of anxiety, conflict, and frustration that I endure every day,
Small but precious times only I own,
Little hope I could feel at some point after endless fear of vague end.

Through each story that started and developed from a personal experience of KIM WOOJIN, we would like to capture the various pieces of emotions that we feel in this album that no one will ever record.

We hope KIM WOOJIN’s first ‘The moment’ could give a comfort in everyday life.

1Intro : Alea iacta est.00:46
2Ready Now03:17
3My growing pains03:21
4Still Dream03:32
5In my space03:42
6Purple Sky03:33